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Empowered by Innovation

Empowered by Innovation

Modern and versatile designs of linear fixtures for indoor commercial lighting solutions.

Customized Lighting Solutions

Customized Lighting Solutions

Compact, super energy efficient, safe, and economical constant current LED drivers designed with very low voltages and less than 1% flicker free dimming for indoor and outdoor lighting applications.

Expand Your Brightness

Expand Your Brightness

Introducing a serious of high lumens Linear LED shoplights that are super bright and efficient where light is needed the most for indoor lighting.

Advanced Interior Lighting

Advanced Interior Lighting

A wide selection of LED drivers designed with aerospace engineering background experience and built with the latest advanced technology ideal for indoor track lights and downlight applications.

High Performance Commercial Lighting

High Performance Commercial Lighting

Powerful performance and long-lasting, super bright, environmentally safe, and cost reduction lighting solutions ideal for factories, warehouses, garages, gyms, and utility rooms.

The Future of Lighting

The Future of Lighting

Dimmable and reliable LED Drivers with flicker free performance and dual dimming 0-10V and/or Triac solutions for indoor residential and commercial applications.

Eco Friendly Lighting Solutions

Eco Friendly Lighting Solutions

Greener, economical, and bright uniform LED linear fixtures with innovative designs and unique and superior quality structures. Linkable LED shoplights with easy installation and operation.

Be Smart. Power Smart.

Be Smart. Power Smart.

Super-efficient and reliable constant voltage LED Drivers for commercial indoor and outdoor applications.

Light Up Your World Intelligently

Light Up Your World Intelligently

PES is dedicated to offer superior quality and innovative ecofriendly products at affordable cost to meet your demands.


Welcome to PES

PES is a leading innovative lighting company focused on designing and manufacturing top of the notch green lighting products using the latest advanced technologies for commercial and residential applications.  The company was established in 1995 and headquartered in Torrance, California.  PES offers a unique experience and efficiency of cost effective lighting products with the utmost quality and reliability.


LED Linear Series

A complete line of high quality and innovative designs of LED linear fixtures that deliver solid performance and sustainable lighting solutions for indoor commercial and residential applications.


Introducing the Smart LED Bulb

Introducing the most brilliant and smart emergency LED light bulb that lights up with or a power connection.  During a power outage, the smart bulb will detect the power failure the power will switch ON for up to 4 hours.  In addition to that, the bulb works like a standard LED light bulb.

  • Super bright and flicker-free illuminating light.

  • Up to 80% on energy saving over standard incandescent bulbs.

  • Superior performance and quality.

  • Lasts up to 8 times longer than the standard bulbs

  • Suitable for emergencies, residential and commercial applications, like homes, offices, gyms, warehouses, hospitals, and garages.



Over 20 years of experience and success in designing and supplying creative and innovative lighting solutions and unique products to professionals and consumers.  Special technologies were used to enhance the performance and productivity of our products and to reduce energy consumption.


Highly trained professional team of engineer, consultants, workers, designers, managers, and staff who are dedicated to build the highest quality of products. Our factory successfully passed stringent audits and meets all high-quality assurance standards for production.  


Affordable high quality and energy efficient products at very competitive. Our main goal is customer satisfaction which we obtain through market orientation and the allocation on ongoing service and support.


Our customers are our top priority and we take pride in providing exceptional service experience to our customers.  We also provide a customized lighting solution to meet our customer needs and satisfaction. 

Advanced LED Drivers

A full family of constant current and constant voltage LED drivers built with unique specifications, advanced technology, and dimming options that meet our customer satisfaction.  

Eco-friendly LED grow lights for indoor horticultural application

High performance plant Grow Lights designed and built with integrated LEDs in a durable structural design giving a full spectrum light which mimics the natural outdoor sunlight to help grow healthier plants and yield better harvests.  It has a significant effect in all stages of plant growth.  Perfect for indoor plants, vegetables, and flowers.  Very easy to install and operate and can be extendable up to 8 fixtures.


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