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New Revolutionary Invention of LED Blue & White Disinfecting Light Technology

PES is proud to introduce a unique line of disinfecting lighting fixtures with special technology and features.  A highly effective and safe disinfecting and sanitizing method using blue light to deactivate harmful microorganisms and prevent the growth of new germs for a long time.  


About PES Blue Light Technology

  • A Blue Light is an antimicrobial light that destroys and kills harmful germs such as MRSA, Staph, Listeria, E. Coli, Fungus, Salmonella, and many other pathogenic bacteria and viruses on surfaces.

  • Offers continuous protection & prevents the spread of germs.


Effects of the Blue Light Technology

  • 100% Effective & safe.

  • NO dangerous UV, UVC, OR FAR UVC light emissions.

  • Blue Light in the 400 - 470 nanometers range has been proven to provide optimum killing benefits without the negatives of Ultra Violet light.

  • Laboratory and clinical studies have validated the “killing power” of Blue Light over a whole range of harmful microorganisms that exist in our environment.

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Benefits of Blue Light Technology

  • Exposure to Blue light led technology can result in the reduction of illnesses and infections contracted through the air or on hard and soft surfaces in your facility.

  • It provides you with direct and indirect savings by reducing costs associated with illnesses and contamination of goods.

  • It can be used anywhere it needs sanitization such as Healthcare facilities, food processing industries, sports and gym facilities, restaurants, homes, businesses, Transportation Facilities, and other places.


                  Efficacy of Antimicrobial Blue Light

  • The history of studying the effect of light to kill and inactivate bacteria and other organisms dates back to as early as 1845, when it became known that microorganisms respond to light.

  • In 1877, when Downes and Blunt observed that exposing test tubes containing Pasteur’s solution to sunlight prevented the growth of microorganisms inside the tube and, upon increased exposure durations, the test tubes remained bacteria-free for several months.

  • Later, in the1930's, William F Wells showed harmful germs can be killed in the air with UVC.  However, unlike our Blue light technology which is safe to be around, UVC is  very harmful to human.

  • Recent studies were conducted at places including New York State Department Of Health, Duke Universities, Stony Brook University Hospital (SBUH), and they all concluded that the Blue wavelength we are using in our fixture are very effective antibacterial solution.  

  • Antibiotic resistance of pathogenic microbes is a quickly growing and extremely dangerous health threat. It is now indisputable that antibiotic resistance is life-threatening situation for humankind.  PES Blue Light Technology has been proven to destroy and kill MRSA Bacteria.

  • PES’s test reports from accredited labs, using a 24 inches long linear fixture, 50W at 120V/60Hz, shows that at a distance of 3 feet, the MRSA Bacteria has bacteria has been reduced by 85% with 30 minutes exposure.  At 1 feet distance, it has been reduced by 99%.



                 How the Blue Light Technology Work

  • The Visible Light in the light spectrum ranging between 400-700 nm has disinfectant properties, a fact that is not well known in comparison to the antibacterial properties of UV light.  Unlike the UV light,  PES’s technology is very safe and can be used in occupied and unoccupied conditions. 

  • PES’s Blue light technology has a narrow spectrum of the visible light with specific wavelengths between 400-460 nm that target molecules that produce a chemical reaction that kills germs and destroys their essential light-sensitive components such as cell membrane, protein structures, and DNA.

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