7.5R-PIR Motion Sensor LED Tubeless Shoplight

7.5R-PIR Motion Sensor LED Tubeless Shoplight


The 7.5R-PIR LED Tubeless Shoplight is a wide and large sturdy structure designed with an infrared motion sensor to turn light on automatically. The shoplight provides a highly efficient bright light with a uniform and flicker free light output. This fixture has a rocker switch on one side of the endcaps to turn light automatically or manually. If the switch is on Auto and a person moves, then the sensor turns the light ON for 5 minutes and then the light turns off. If the switch is Manual, a person can use the pull chain to turn the light ON and it stays ON. The shoplight comes with a diffuser and integrated LEDs in the fixture design which eliminate that need for bulb replacement. This fixture includes a receptacle to link at least 8 other shoplights or to plug in a small home appliance. High Energy saving and low cost for residential and commercial Lighting applications like garages, warehouse, schools, gyms. The shoplight starts instantly at a very low temperature. Durable and light weight for easy installation and transportation.


  • Motion Sensor LED Tubeless Tread Shoplight
  • Advanced LED technology with unique quality structural design
  • High efficiency LED driver design
  • A dual function receptacle on one end cap
  • Significant energy saving & reduction in electricity bills
  • Replaces 64 Watts Fluorescent T8 shoplight
  • Long life and superior performance
  • More than 50,000 hours of rated life
  • Environmentally friendly produces uniform light without heat
  • Suitable for indoor applications like garages, living rooms, offices, warehouses, schools, gyms, and residential and commercial facilities
  • 5 years warranty



Power Electronics & Systems, Inc. offers a variety of innovative products with the latest advanced SMT technology in LED drivers, Shoplights, and electronic ballasts. All products are manufactured in and controlled at a high quality production facility in China and comply with ISO9000 standards.

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© 2016 Power Electronics & Systems