DET8-DM Electronic Ballast

DET8-DM Electronic Ballast

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PES120DET8-DM is a comined package of dimmable electronic ballast and a compatible control dimmer.

The PES120DET8 uses a proprietary electronic design technology with the state of the art semiconductors resulting in an energy saving dimming electronic ballast. When compared to the standard electronic ballast, it can save up to 50% in energy through dimming. This dimming ballast is very flexible and easy to install because it requires no additional wiring. It combines the long life and energy efficiency of fluorescent technology with the controllability and full-range of dimming capabilities of the control unit.

The PES120DMa wall dimmer, a Triac or a Leading-Edge dimmer, which is designed for the use with fluorescent lighting fixtures. It is compatible with PES120DET8 dimming ballast and it is rated 600VA, 120VAC, 60Hz, and has a Single-Pole wiring application. The dimmer has an ON/OFF switch and a slide bar features to control the levels of light. The dimmer is easy to install and it will help in saving energy and lowering electrical cost.

  • Dimmable Electronic Ballast & compatible control dimmer
  • Instant Start
  • High Reliability
  • End-of-Life (EOL) Protection
  • Consists of AC line filters to suppress high frequency noise feeding into AC power lines
  • Mechanical dimensions & case size are smaller than any compatible ballast known
  • For use with 120V
  • Superior performance
  • Operates at Normal Power Factor
  • 5 years warranty