Infrared Forehead Digital Thermometer

Infrared Forehead Digital Thermometer

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PES-T-01 durable non-contact infrared thermometer is quick, hygienic, and convenient to use. It is perfect for all settings, including home, work/office, school, and hospital environments. This contactless thermometer reads forehead and wrist temperatures from 1-2 inches away, avoiding any direct physical contact with skin and possible cross-infection between multiple people. The thermometer can be used to read temperatures of adults and kids. The touchless and precise sensor makes it the perfect temperature reader, even on infants and toddlers while they are asleep. The easy-to-use trigger operation method produces results in 1 second along with a beeper sound for completed scan and measurement. The PES-T-01 features multiple modes: Body and surface, plus Fahrenheit and Celsius. 3-color backlit display is enabled to show the user which temperature range they are in when the temperature is between 93.2 – 99.3 degrees Fahrenheit, backlit is Green; when the temperature is between 99.5 – 100.2 degrees Fahrenheit, backlit is Yellow; when the temperature is between 100.4 – 109.4 degrees Fahrenheit, backlit is Red. In addition to the red backlit display for high temperature, a sound alert will alarm

  • Data memory
  • FDA Certified
  • High temp. warning
  • Non contact, forehead measure
  • AAA batteries required
  • Safe for adults & babies
  • Suface & Body temp

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