Power Electronics & Systems, Inc. offers a variety of innovative products with the latest advanced SMT technology in LED drivers, Shoplights, and electronic ballasts. All products are manufactured in and controlled at a high quality production facility in China and comply with ISO9000 standards.

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© 2016 Power Electronics & Systems

© 2016 Power Electronics & Systems

Intelligent Emergency Bulb


Introducing the brilliant and smart LED bulb that turns ON with no electric cord. This bulb is designed to automatically turns ON in the event of sudden power outage or failure and provides lighting for up to 4 hours. Once power has been restored, the bulb has an integrated lithium battery built in which will take few hours to be fully charged. A multi-function operation bulb that can be used as a standard LED bulb, an emergency light bulb, or as flash light when the based is touched.

  • Intelligent Rechargeable Emergency LED Light Bulb
  • Super bright and flicker free illuminating light.
  • Smart charge LED bulb ideal for emergencies and power outages.
  • Tremendous saving in electricity bill compared to traditional bulbs
  • Superior quality and performance.
  • Super energy efficient and sustainable design. Up to 80% of energy saving over the standard incandescent bulbs.
  • Long life span: lasts up to 8 times longer than standard incandescent bulbs & 5 times longer than fluorescent bulbs.
  • Suitable for hurricane emergencies, offices, homes, camping, and all residential and commercial applications, such as pendant lighting, chandeliers, wall sconces, and many light fixtures.